Hairdressing Icon Vivienne Mackinder discusses the salon business Part 1 | SBP 003


Hairdressing Icon Vivienne Mackinder discusses the salon business Part 1 | SBP 003

I talk with Vivienne Mackinder about a number of topics.  All of them related to becoming a successful hairdresser.  Vivienne offers interesting insights on the do’s and don’ts of the Salon Business in this first part of her two part interview she did with Jeff Demaree.

 “Great Beginnings last a lifetime”

Vivienne led off our interview with this quote.  She talked about her beginnings and influences to how she decided to become a hairdresser.  She also offered interesting insights for what type of person it takes to become a hairdresser.  Vivienne tells us how she started with Vidal Sassoon, and her other inspirations.  She talks about how Trevor Sorbie and Vidal helped her understand the requirements to be a successful hairdresser.

What is good salon/hairdresser education?

Understanding the classic foundation, helps hairdressers understand where they can and cannot break the rules.  Continuing education is truly a part of being the best you can be.  Education is at our fingertips via the internet.   Vivienne discusses the ease of access that we all now have for education.  We have no excuses not to be an educated hairdresser.

“We are Sales people”

Vivienne believes that hair stylists are all sales people.  We are in the business of “emphasizing what is beautiful, disguising what is less attractive .”  She offers advice on how to communicate to the customers in your chair, and to the customers you want in your chair.  She talks about the necessary communication skills to be a successful “connector.”  She offers an entertaining anecdote about Vidal Sassoon’s communication skills.

“Discounts are dangerous”

We talk about discounting your services.  Vivienne believes that hairdressers need to raise their skill set to such a level that they are capable of delivering exceptional service that the customer must have.  She talks about current  internet marketing sites such as Groupon.  We also cover some “wiggle room” areas that offer some price flexibility.

 “Social Media can help you, and it can hurt you”

Vivienne points out the advantages and pitfalls of social media for salons and hairdressers.  She discusses the importance of posting photos, and utilizing the salon’s and the customer’s electronic devices for a better salon experience.  She offers her opinions on where internet communication is heading, and how it affects the salons/hairdressers.


Trevor Sorbie

Vidal Sassoon


Part II with Vivienne Mackinder

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