Twitter Strategies for Hairdressers with The Mafia Hairdresser | SBP 029


Twitter Strategies for Hairdressers with The Mafia Hairdresser | SBP 029 SalonBusinessPodcast.comTwitter can be a very powerful way to get new clients in the chairs of hairdressers.  Jon-David the Mafia hairdresser gives us lots of great ideas on how you can utilize Twitter to build your business in the salon.  He tells us what he has done to build his following on Twitter and how you can as well. The Mafia Hairdresser gives us great strategies to contact future clients. He tells us that three months of consistent “tweeting”  will get hairdressers well on their way to building their salon business.

More specifically you will learn:

  • The difference between those who are using twitter in the salon and those who aren’t.
  • Why hairdressers should be using twitter now.
  • What you should be putting on Twitter.
  • How to use “searchable” tweets to build your business.
  • Should you worry about your number of followers?
  • Who should you start following and who you shouldn’t be following on Twitter as a hairdresser?
  • How to get a conversation going  with people you don’t know and would like to get in your chair.
  • How Twitter compares to email for marketing yourself online.
  • The importance of using photos and how to use them on Twitter as a hairdresser.
  • Why “retweet” and how to do it for the best results.
  • The advantages that Twitter has over Facebook.
  • How to organize your feed.
  • As a hairdresser, how to set up your Profile for best results.  The “do’s and don’ts” of Twitter.

Links mentioned in this installment include:

The above link shows you how to best set up your Twitter profile as a hairdresser.

Three great tips on how to use Twitter.

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