The Benefits of Hair Blogs w/ Tabitha Ford | SBP 008


The Benefits of Hair Blogs w/ Tabitha Ford | SBP 008

I glean insight from Hair Blogger & Hair Stylist Tabitha Ford on the benefits of hair blogs.  She offers interesting insights as to why hair stylists should be reading hair blogs, along with other observations that you will enjoy.

Why should hair stylists follow hair blogs?

Tabitha points out that a lot of hair blogs aren’t even written by hairdressers.  She tells us that hair blogs are a great way for hair stylists to understand the lingo that their customers and potential customers are using to describe the services they are receiving in the salon.  It’s a great way to catch people in a casual conversation about their hair.  All of this can put you in a better position to meet the needs of your clientele.  It’s also a great way for hair stylists to engage with customers outside of the salon by commenting on blog posts.

Hair stylists should be creating an online presence for themselves.

Tabitha tells you way how to set yourself apart from other hairdressers by using online marketing techniques.  She is a firm believer in sharing information with potential customers and fellow hairdressers.

 7 Reasons why people fire their hair stylist.

In a blog post on her site, Tabitha posted a very insightful article about reasons people fire their hair stylist.  She discusses all 7 reasons in depth in our interview.

Brand your salon and not yourself

Tabitha offers insightful commentary on why hairdressers should try and see the big picture when it comes to marketing themselves and their salon.  She recommends hairdressers should spend time promoting and talking about the expertise of other members of the team they are working with in their salon.  She thinks this sets you up for future success in the industry.

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