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Should salons and hairdressers even be using Facebook?In this latest installment of the Salon Business Podcast, I tell you why or why you shouldn’t be using Facebook to market your salon services. Hairdressers and salon owners are a busy group of people. That being said, there is not a lot of time to be wasted in the salon business. You shouldn’t be wasting it on Facebook. There are some things that you should know about Facebook that aren’t immediately obvious. In this combination periscope/podcast I give you the information you need to make a good business decision about your money and time investment in Facebook.

More specifically I answer these questions:

  • Should salons and hairdressers even be using Facebook?
  • Is there any point to even posting on Facebook?
  • How much reach do you get with Facebook for your salon?
  • Should I be using a private Facebook Group instead of a Facebook business page?
  • What is working better than Facebook?
  • How do I figure out my customer acquisition cost?
  • Is Facebook a huge waste of salon marketing time and resources?
  • What used to work, but doesn’t work now with Facebook for salon marketing?

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