Understanding and Benefiting from Google Adwords for Salons with Jeff Gasior of Blast Media | SBP 005


Understanding and Benefiting from Google Adwords for Salons with Jeff Gasior of Blast Media | SBP 005

I discuss the benefits and how to utilize Google Adwords for your salon with Blast Media’s Jeff Gasior.

What is Google Adwords?

Adwords was initially a pay per click advertising vehicle for the google search engine. Salons can pay Adwords to appear  in search results for particular keywords that they choose.  Adwords has expanded to offer all kinds of online marketing opportunities to salons within the Google family of products including YouTube.  Salons can use Adwords to market via mobile device or desktop.

How salons can get started with Google Adwords

We discuss how to set up and begin using a Google Adwords account.  Jeff Gasior tells us how we can find resources to select the correct keywords to get the best results from our salon’s advertising campaign.  He also points out free tools that you can use that help you put your best foot forward with an advertising campaign on Google Adwords.

Salons can use Google Adwords to engage with very specific demographics

Everything potential salon customers do on their mobile device or desktop is tracked by Google based on their search history and websites they have clicked on.  This allows Google to help salons understand how they can target customers by their interests.  This has turned out to be a very powerful tool to help salons find new customers to engage and convert business with.  Jeff Gasior offers specific examples how salons are able to leverage this powerful tool for success.


Google Adwords for salons will definitely help drive more traffic to your salon.  However, traffic isn’t the only answer for your salon’s website.    Salons need to create web pages that convert into business.  Jeff Gasior recommends to have calls to action, and quality content on your landing pages and website to help convince potential customers to do business at your salon.  Good landing pages for salons can be as simple as coordinating the text of your add with the text of your landing page.


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