Salon Mobile Marketing with Greg Hickman of Part 1 | SBP 006


Salon Mobile Marketing with Greg Hickman of Part 1 | SBP 006

I talk salon mobile marketing with Greg Hickman of MobileMixed.

What is Salon Mobile Marketing?

The words Mobile Marketing can cover a lot of areas.  Mobile makes up a lot of different things.  It can include mobile websites, apps, text messaging, location based services, QR codes, mobile display ads, and much more.  Greg explains these areas of salon mobile marketing, and tells about key places that you should consider mobile marketing for your salon.

Why should Salons be Mobile?

It’s a simple as “that is where the customers are”.  And, if you’re not there, your potential customers will go somewhere else.  According to Greg, customers are now very comfortable using their mobile devices.  When customers use their mobile device to find local business, 90 percent of them take action within 24 hours.  Luckily, if you have a facebook page, your customers are already able to connect with you via mobile.  Seventy percent of all people access Facebook regularly via a mobile device.  Also, over 40 percent of emails are first viewed on a mobile device.  Mobile marketing is the next “frontier” that you are able to still be ahead of your competition.

How do you turn searchers into salon customers?

Greg explains the concept of being where your customers are.  He makes the point that your customers and potential customers are on mobile, and tells you how to reach them.  We discuss the best “channels” to reach customers.  The customers are now in the driver’s seat, so it is up to you to give them a convenient way to reach you.  Salon mobile marketing is a great way to help you reach these customers.  Greg helps you understand the value of being available to salon customers via local search.

Resources Mentioned In This Installment Include:

The Next Podcast

Greg Hickman of continues our discussion with a step by step , and resources to get started with salon mobile marketing.

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