Pinterest for Salons with Cynthia Sanchez of Part 1 | SBP 010


Pinterest for Salons with Cynthia Sanchez of Part 1 | SBP 010

I discuss the benefits of Pinterest for salons with OhSoPinteresting’s Cynthia Sanchez. She gives us a great overview of this very powerful marketing tool.

Is Pinterest a social network and/or a very effective search tool?

Cynthia tells us that when Pinterest was initially conceived it was mostly considered a social network.  Now, Pinterest has become a very powerful search tool.  In it’s most basic form it is about categorizing photos with web pages.  Pinterest is a much more open network than Facebook for example.  Pinterest is about connecting you with others online via photos.  It’s a great place to discover things that consumers are interested in.  Pinterest can help salons rank higher on Google by creating photos, and pinning others photos.  Cynthia also discusses the potential for eventually benefitting from local search via Pinterest.  Cynthia sites some examples of businesses that are effectively utilizing their Pinterest account to generate traffic to their business.

Pinterest for Salons: what are the best practices, how does it work?

Cynthia tells us best practices for pinning your own photos, as well as those of others.  She talks about the strategies of timing and description to help salons gain the most exposure from Pinterest. Cynthia talks about how to put effective descriptions on your images, and the images of others.  She talks about how to bring value to your clientele with your descriptions and photos. She recommends that you spread out your posts for better affect.  She also explains how the Pinterest time line works.  Cynthia also offers insights about the benefits of group boards, as well as the drawbacks.

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Next week’s Podcast

Part 2 with Cynthia Sanchez of  She will be going through the step by step process setting up Pinterest for Salons.


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