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How to Get The Most From Attending Your Next Hair Show | SBP 030The big hair show season is upon us. They begin in January and run through June here in the United States. You can get a lot from a hair show, but you need to have a strategy. In this installment of the Salon Business Podcast Jeff gives you some great information on how to prepare for and attend a hair show. There is a lot going on and you need to be ready to get the most out of it. The bigger hair shows have everything you need as a hairdresser or a salon to energize and prepare you for success in the salon.

More specifically you will learn:

  • What your goals should be for show
  • How to get the best prices for tools and equipment
  • How to attend classes
  • How to connect with manufacturers
  • Questions to ask manufacturers about their product lines
  • Which are the best days to go to the hair show
  • How long do you want to be at the show
  • What to do when you arrive
  • What is the difference between large and small manufacturers
  • Promotion ideas for your salon at the show
  • How to use social media to get more out of the hair show
  • What should you take note of

Links mentioned in this installment include:

ISSE Long Beach

IBS New York

ABS Chicago

Premiere Orlando

IBS Las Vegas

The Salon Business Facebook Page

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