Facebook Ads for Salons with Jeff Gasior of Blast Media | SBP 009


Facebook Ads for Salons with Jeff Gasior of Blast Media | SBP 009

I discuss Facebook Ads for salons with Blast Media’s Jeff Gasior.  Jeff tells us how Facebook advertising can work for salons with tips, tricks, and best practices. Jeff tells us how you can get started right away utilizing the benefits of Facebook ads.

Getting started with Facebook ads for salons

Once you have established your Facebook account as a business, you can start utilizing Facebook ads for your salon.  In the first part of our interview,  Jeff recommends building your ad platform after you have engaged your fan base on Facebook.  By utilizing post promotion on your Facebook Fan Page, you can reach out to friends of friends who are following you.  He recommends coming up with quality offers or information that potential customers will find engaging as “promotion posts.”  Jeff recommends all kinds of ways that you can utilize Facebooks ads for your salon.

How can salons build their Facebook followers?

Jeff tells us Facebook allows salons to upload their email list to the Facebook Ad Manager, and then you can strategically advertise to that email list on Facebook.  He also recommends other ways that salons are able to build their following on Facebook.

Running ads on Facebook

You can begin by setting your budget for the ads that you would like to run by daily limit, weekly limit, or lifetime limit.  You then start targeting who you want to see your ad.  It can be those who are not currently fans.  You are able to target by what people have been posting on their page.  You can also target by all sorts of demographics, as well as geotargeting (by zip code).   All of these help you really narrow down who you are communicating to with your Facebook Ad for your salon.  Jeff also talks about partner ads, and how they provide social proof and credibility for your  future customers that you are advertising to on Facebook.

Other tips and advice on Facebook Ads for Salons

Jeff Gasior covers a lot of ground in this podcast on Facebook Ads for salons.  Other tips and advice he provides great insight on are:

  • Facebook ad approval process
  • Landing Pages (should they be on Facebook, or on your own website?)
  • Considerations to help you save with your Facebook Ad Budget for your salon
  • What is CPM?
  • What is CPC?
  • Analytics for your salon’s facebook ads
  • Setting goals to help you know what you are looking for with your salon’s Facebook Ads
  • How to create an engaging offer ad on with your Facebook Ad for your salon

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