Content Marketing for Salons with Valorie Reavis of | SBP 002


Content Marketing for Salons with Valorie Reavis of | SBP 002

I talk with Valorie Reavis of  We discuss how salons and hairdressers can create and curate content for their social media sites.

We compare salon marketing from 10 years ago to today.

Ten years ago, it was hard to find a salon with a website.  Now, a website is a must along with social media and email marketing.  Valorie explains how salons can transition from traditional marketing to what she calls conversational marketing with social media.  She makes the point that hairdressers are some of the best conversationalists in the world, but can struggle with taking their voice into the digital realm.  She encourages salons to translate topics they are chatting about to clients in the salon to their content on their social media sites.

Word of mouth is still the number one way salons and hairdressers are building their business.  However, now it’s digital word of mouth.  Which creates endless opportunities for salon owners and hairdressers to spread the word.

Who are you trying to attract to your salon?

We discuss the differences between the social networks, and how you can target and engage with customers .  We talk about the importance of identifying your customer, and coming up with a strategy to attract more of them to your salon via social marketing.

Are you using Pinterest for your salon’s content marketing?

Valorie recommends great ways to help hairdressers and salon owners use Pinterest.   She talks about how to create worthwhile boards on your Pinterest account, and ways to connect and engage your clientele.

Are you using Instagram to showcase your salon’s work?

We discuss how Instagram is an easy way to get started showcasing your work to your current clientele, and potential customers.  One of the huge benefits to Instagram for salons is the fact that it is easy to also post your Instagram photos to other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

How are successful salons using social media for their content marketing

Valorie discusses the specific things that her most successful salons are doing with their social media sites.  How they are coming up with engaging content, as well as promotional opportunities for their clientele.

What is

Valorie discusses the benefits of to use for content marketing for salons. It is a great place to start to help salon owners and hairdressers develop a comprehensive plan for their content marketing on social media sites with engaging content.


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