About Jeff Demaree

I’m Jeff.  I’m a guy(that’s me on the far left) from Indianapolis, Indiana who owns a hair salon with my wife Kimberly(the second one from the right) that we are very proud of.

My Story

I used to be a  software marketer, trainer and developer for a large company.  In March 2002 my wife and I started our salon in downtown Indianapolis.  It’s called WiP downtown (WiP stands for Work in Progress…because that is how we see our business and our clients’ hair)

So, Why the Salon Business Podcast and Salon Questions Answered Podcast?

Over the past 12 years we have enjoyed building our business and learning all of the things necessary to be successful.  Whether it be salon marketing,  salon software, salon education, salon employee management….the list goes on.  During this time, of course we have made mistakes.  We have also learned from those mistakes and had some amazing successes.

I feel it is time to share our journey with other salon owners and hairdressers.  It is my goal to provide great information about the salon business as I learn it.  While also providing great advice and info based on our experiences before and during the time we started our salon.  I think I have a unique perspective on the salon industry because of my experiences in it as well as my background in technology and marketing prior to opening our salon.

I’m very confident that you will find great actionable FREE information here that you can  use in your salon.  However, if you need additional help I can provide that as well.  Just click here to contact me and I can help you.

It is my belief through experience that our industry that we love is in the midst of a huge shift in how we conduct business.  I want to be here to figure it out and help other salon owners and hairdressers do the same.

You won’t get any hard sells from me – just real life salon owner experiences and quality advice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the salon business information that I will provide for you.

Have a GREAT Hair Day!

Jeff Demaree